3 Elements Needed to Launch a Home Business Start Up

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Starting a Home Based Business is an exciting opportunity, and with the Internet it’s more plausible than ever.  There’s still an element of risk entrepreneurs must take to venture into this type of work, yet the freedom of working for oneself is a powerful motivator.  Many times, the hardest part is getting started and believing it can happen.  This article will clarify what it takes, by highlighting the 3 elements needed to launch a Home Business Start Up.


#1 Funding/Time:Gold Dollar Sign

Starting a Home Based Business doesn’t cost as much as a traditional brick and mortar business, yet, generally, it will cost some money to get started.  The costs may involve: web hosting, computers, outsourcing app development, software, product materials, advertising, etc.  The total cost could be $100 to $5,000, depending on the type of business. Calculating the initial and monthly expenses (software subscriptions, etc.) is an important beginning step.

Another important element in the beginning is calculating the time it takes to start a Home Based Business.  Often times, this is the element that stops people from starting.  The everyday routine of life and the difficulty to sustain a prolonged effort without monetary returns, is hard for most people to overcome.  Starting a Home-Based Business takes time to: research, investigate, learn, organize, and operate; in the beginning stages the business can be a liability.

The more time and money a person has to dedicate to starting their Home Business, the faster it will develop into a profitable venture.  On the other hand, a slow and steady part-time effort is also effective; this way, a person can maintain another income source to fund the start up, yet this will require weeks, months, or years of overtime effort.

Successful Website Words#2 Website/App Development and Product/Service to Sell:

At first, a person might or might not have an idea of what product or service they want to sell, either way, the next step is to start a website and have a product or service to sell.  Multiple third-party selling platforms (Ebay, Etsy, freelance and broker service sites, etc.) can be utilized, yet a personal website or blog should be part of a Home Based Business.  Also, some Online Marketing businesses, like Affiliate Marketing Networks or Network Marketing (MLM), may come with a personal website already.

Many start ups are also developing apps, as either their main platform or to compliment their website.  Starting a new business in the sharing economy, or starting a business within an already established platform, are both good ways to beginFor examples: starting a business from renting out vehicles or parking spaces, walking dogs, giving rides, etc.

#3 Organizational Framework and Marketing Strategy:Internet Marketing Strategy

Now that a person has the time, funding, platform, and product/service to sell, they’ll need to FOCUS on the organizational framework and marketing strategies of their new business.  Some of the framework is already there with the selling platforms and website, yet business owners need additional tools to organize their contacts, perform the back-end processes, and market their businesses.

There are many different options for Online Marketing (free and/or inexpensive) when it comes to CRM, accounting, and order management software.  What’s needed depends on the type of business, yet organization is key to success in many ways.  One of the main aspects of marketing and contact management is: having the ability to perform effective Email Marketing campaigns and see the results.

Developing an organizational framework for business processes and an effective marketing strategy, are the two elements that will power a Home Business.  Fine-tuning these elements along the way with an agile development strategy and lean methodology, will result in streamlined processes that convert sales through effective sales funnels.


Starting a Home Based Business is more possible than ever using the Internet, which opens up Online Marketing businesses to a worldwide marketplace.  There’s still an element of risk involved, yet, mostly it just takes: a solid business vision, dedication, and strong belief.

The three elements we’ve highlighted define the structure around launching a Home Business startup; within this structure many different types of businesses can be successful.  OmniTech Enterprises, LLC specializes in helping small business entrepreneurs find the inspiration, strategies, and funding to succeed.  Please visit us today at  http://OnlineMarketingHomeBusiness.com  to learn more.


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