3 Myths that Can Harm Your Home Business Start Up

Number 3Your Home Business Start Up can improve your life in many ways.  Independence, satisfaction, no commuting, and increasing your income beyond that of your 9-5 job are the potential rewards.  To make this a reality, you must make informed decisions based on facts rather than myths and misinformation that clutters the Internet about Home Based Businesses.  These can lead you astray and undermine your efforts.

Some of these myths are little more than the opinions of misinformed people, while others are exaggerated hype from less than forthright individuals who want your money.  Three common Home Business myths that are making the rounds are:

You Have to Be a Salesperson

A salesperson sells goods and services to others by persuading them to make a purchase.  Unless you’re working as an online freelancer for another business, your income will come from influencing people to buy goods or services.  However, you need not sell in person or even over the phone.  You can generate online sales via a well crafted website and Online Marketing efforts through Social Media and by using Search Engine Optimization (SEO).Truth & Lies Buttons

If you’re selling your own personal services, you will have to talk to potential clients.  Generally, this is easier when they contact you first after learning about you online, rather than you cold calling them first over the phone.

If you’re selling products, you can do this through a website.  If you sell as an Affiliate, your work comes down to testing and improving your web pages and your copywriting techniques.  When acting as an Affiliate, you pre-sell your website visitors by explaining the benefits of particular products and then sending them to the vendor’s website.  You will also have to bring traffic to your website.

Therefore, you do NOT need to be a salesperson in the classic sense.  Instead, your “sales” efforts will be more indirect.

You Can Make a Passive Income System That Frees You from Working

When you have a website that sells digital products or sells physical goods through an Affiliate Program, you don’t have to ship products or keep inventories. The only work you have to do is getting traffic to your website and making sure that it does a good job of converting visitors into buyers of your Home Business products.

Once you have figured this out, there will be periods when things happen automatically with no work on your part.  Thanks to the software associated with your website, orders are taken and the product is delivered without input from you.  When you’ve reached this point, you supposedly have Passive Income.

The problem is that your search traffic changes over time and usually for the worse, if you aren’t actively marketing and promoting your website.  In addition, it helps to produce new content on a regular basis.  Search Engines such as Google base your ranking on the attention your website receives elsewhere on the Internet as well as new content production on your site.  If you take too long of a vacation from your Home Business Start Up, the traffic will dry up as well as your income stream

You Will Get Rich QuickQuestion Mark Gold Boxes

This is no more true with Online Marketing than with ordinary “brick and mortar” businesses.  There are lots of Small Business owners in the world, but they aren’t all wealthy millionaires.  The Online Business world isn’t any different.  There is certainly a potential for becoming wealthy, only if you use the right business models and out-compete other businesses in your market.

Unlike working at a job, a business allows you to scale up your earnings.  This possibility has always existed in business, both online and offline.  If you can scale your earnings, then wealth is possible.  But it WILL take hard work, talent, and luck.  Statistics are against you, and if you don’t beat the odds, then your Home Business will merely have provided a comfortable living.


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