4 Home Business Start Up Opportunities to Start Right Away


If you have an Internet connection and a device to access the web, then there are many ways of getting money from the comfort of your home.  There is absolutely no reason why your current job has to be your ONLY source of income, because there are many Home Business Start Up opportunities for making money from your skills, willingness to work, and from Online Marketing.


If you are worried about a money-making method not being legitimate, you need only do some online research to find out whether others have made money from that method.  For example, someone who has never heard of Ebay will quickly learn from some research that Ebay has been in business for a long time and that countless people have profited from selling there.

The Home Business Start Up methods described here all involve online companies that have been in business for many years.  Learning how to make money from home is just a matter of deciding which of the following four Home Business Start Up methods works best for you and then getting started.

1)  Buy Discount Items at a Store and Sell Them on Amazon.comIdeas Light Bulb

This is a fun way to profit from what many people like to do: bargain hunting at stores.  You will need to have a smart phone with a built-in camera and an app called “Amazon Price Check,” which is FREE.  This is a very enjoyable Home Business for many.

The idea is to buy products at discount prices and then sell them on Amazon at a higher price.  The app lets you do instant price checks between the discount price at the store and what it sells for at Amazon.  If the item is popular on Amazon and sells at a significantly higher price, then you have a winner.  You then list your item on Amazon at a higher price.  Amazon offers some excellent Online Marketing tools.  Shipping the items to customers isn’t a problem if you use a service called Fulfillment By Amazon.

2)  Work as an Editor

If you have a good eye for proofreading and spotting grammatical errors but have no experience as an EditorDomainite hires people with NO prior editing experience.  It’s a good way to get started in this field.  For those with a good command of English, the work is easy since it’s just a matter of spotting grammar mistakes as you see them.  To start doing this work, you will have to take an editing test, but well worth it if you make it work well for you.

3)  Freelance at Upwork

Professional WordHundreds of thousands of companies go to Upwork to hire the services of the freelancers who work for them.  The demand for services is so strong that many freelancers have no problems earning their entire income from Upwork.  As a Home Business, freelancing is an outstanding option.

In a nutshell, the freelancer registers at Upwork and sets up a professional profile that companies and individuals can view before hiring.  The freelancers can then browse through thousands of posted jobs and apply to a job of interest by sending a proposal.  The client then chooses a freelancer after reviewing the different proposals for the job.

Basic Membership at Upwork is FREE and it costs nothing to apply for the jobs.  Among the different job categories are: IT, web design, writing, design, translating, virtual assistants, customer service, marketing, engineering, and project management.  This list only brushes the surface of the many opportunities available here.

4)  Be an Online English TutorBusinesswoman Working on Laptop

English-speaking people willing to teach the language are in high demand all over the world, especially in Asia.  SameSpeak allows you to make $10 for every half-hour teaching session that you complete.  English must be your first language and you must be at least 16 years of age.  You can do this on your own time from home.  You will give conversational lessons where the student will practice their conversational English with you.  SameSpeak provides everything needed for the lessons, including the connection via Skype.


Of course, this is only a small list of Home Business opportunities.  The above four merely scratch the surface, and there are many more opportunities out there.  Peruse our Blog site http://OnlineMarketingHomeBusiness.com today, to find plenty of education, training and some very powerful Home Business Start Up and Online Marketing opportunities that we will HELP you with.  We at OmniTech Enterprises, LLC are here to assist YOU in becoming the next seriously successful Digital Entrepreneur.  Success is simply a matter of finding them and applying yourself.  To your success!


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