5 Online Marketing Tips for Home Business Start Ups Selling Crafts

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Carving out a niche Home Business Start Up by creating crafts and art is a fun, exciting and fulfilling opportunity for those that truly enjoy it.  The online world today has opened up a worldwide market, making it more possible for people to earn a living from making and selling crafts and art from home.  Let’s discuss this more by looking at 5 Online Marketing tips for Home Business Start Ups selling crafts.


#1.  Multiple Selling Platforms:

Entrepreneurs should sell their products on multiple selling platforms, this gives them a wider audience to which to sell their products.  Platforms like Etsy and Ebay are both great places for unique crafts and art to be sold.  A Home Business website should be created as well, which has an eCommerce platform built-in.

Owners should set a reasonable limit on the amount of selling platforms they use, in order to avoid the danger of being over extended from managing them; only using the amount that can be reasonably managed, without taking time away from creating the products.  Shipping, fee calculations, customer service, returns, and other issues will take time to deal with on each platform, so this needs to be considered.

#2.  Making Videos:Crafts Lady & Bench

The Home Business Start Up should start a YouTube Channel and/or Vimeo Account and make videos about their products.  These could be created and recorded with a smartphone and some basic video editing software, creating videos such as: product highlights, how-to videos, product inspiration stories, instructional tutorials, introduction, testimonials, etc.

Videos are a great way to connect with a Social Media audience and introduce the products to visitors on a webpage or selling platform.  Crafts and art are special products that often have stories around their creation, which help storyboard the products and enhance the buyer’s experience.

#3.  Blog on Website:

At first, the majority of the crafts and art will be sold on third-party selling platforms, but after awhile visitors will begin to find the website from Search Engines and back links.  Selling from the Home Business’ website is optimal because the only fees are from the payment processor.  Starting a blog on the website is a great way to create this online visibility.

Articles and videos can be shared on the blog, relating to the topic of the products being sold.  These articles can be shared with: social media channels, online newsletters, and email subscribers.  The fresh content on the website, with related keywords, will help the website show up in Search Engines, as well as give visitors valuable information.

#4.  Social Media Campaigns:

The Home Business Start Up should have a unique name related to the products, this name can be used to start Social Media accounts for the business.  Social Media Campaigns are simply a strategy to use for Social Media marketing efforts, such as: sharing blog posts and videos, joining related communities, monthly giveaways, etc.  With the right strategy and efforts, Social Media has a lot of potential for gaining loyal customers and online visibility.

#5.  Email Marketing List:

Crafts Magazine CoverThe Email Marketing List is a very valuable tool for all Online Businesses, especially the Home Business Start Up selling crafts and art.  There are free Email Marketing services, such as the five described here at The Work at Home Woman; and there are more comprehensive marketing services, such as: Act! and Hubspot, which cost a monthly fee.

Either way, building up an Email Marketing List with past customers and potential customers is an important part of an Online Marketing strategy.  This email subscriber list can be sent periodic emails or newsletters with: new items, special deals, giveaways, blog posts, videos, etc.  This helps businesses stay in touch with their loyal customers, as well as convert potential customers; just imagine the potential conversion rates with an email list in the thousands.


These 5 Online Marketing tips are the essential elements Home Business Start Ups need to sell their crafts and art online.  The complexity within these will vary according to the technical skills and money each entrepreneur has to invest.  The main expenses are: the website, product and shipping materials, and any tools needed to make the products – any other expense is up to each Home Business owner.

Making crafts and art to sell online is a rewarding experience, and with the right efforts, Home Business Start Ups can tap into a worldwide audience of potential buyers.  Many people are making a full-time living by selling their crafts and art online, in addition to locally and through selected retailers.


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