8 Home-Based Business Ideas You Can Startup For Under $500



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Are you hesitant to begin a Home Business Startup because you think it will be too expensive?  Luckily, there are a variety of businesses you can start for under $500.  Below are some ideas that require little investment.  These are but a small few of the possibilities, all requiring limited start up costs.  Let these ideas be a catalyst for your thoughts, and let’s see what you can come up with and make a reality for your very bright future!


#1 Blogging ServiceBusinesswoman Working on Laptop

Content is king on social media.  Many small and medium-sized businesses do not have the resources or personnel to constantly come up with enough original content to post online.  You can easily start a blogging service and approach different businesses who are in need of blogs to generate traffic to their website.  If you are a good writer, a blogging business is a lucrative business idea.

#2 Web Design

Are you creative and experienced with computers?  You could easily start a web design firm with Online Marketing for a minimal amount of money.  Remember to pay careful attention to your website since it will be a representation of your work.  You should also post several websites in your portfolio online.  If you don’t have anything to show in the portfolio, you approach different businesses and offer to redesign their websites for free or a discount to get more experience.

#3 Pet Sitting

A pet sitting business is a great idea if you love animals and enjoy taking care of them.  Many busy professionals do not have enough time to walk their dog or play with them.  All you have to do is place a couple of flyers around the area and leave your business cards in different restaurants and stores.  You can also contact the animal shelter and ask them to refer your business to new pet owners who come in to adopt an animal.  After you get a couple of clients, your business can gradually grow when they refer your services to other people.

Teacher & Students#4 Tutoring

Furthering education is another lucrative business idea.  Countless students are feeling the pressure to obtain high test scores and get into a great college.  If you have an advanced degree (ranging from a Bachelor’s all the way to a PhD) you can capitalize on your education and start a tutoring service.  You can target high school and college students who want to earn higher grades.  Keep track of how well your student’s perform so you can advertise the effectiveness of your services.

#5 Photography

Do you have a talent for taking pictures?  If you love capturing beauty and own a camera, you can start a photography business.  This can be a lucrative business, especially if you become a wedding or event photographer.  Additionally, you don’t have to own a camera since you can rent one or borrow one to get started.

#6 Nanny or Babysitting Services

You can be a nanny or baby sitter if you enjoy being around children and entertaining them.  You only have to worry about advertising your business in the beginning and then get referrals from other families.

#7 Virtual AssistantVirtual Assistant Lady

A virtual assistant business is a great option if you are highly organized and like to help other people.  You can target busy entrepreneurs and working parents who have to juggle multiple responsibilities.  The best thing about being a virtual assistant is you can work remotely from your home or any other location as long as you own a computer with a connection to the internet.

#8 House Cleaning

Another home business you can start for under $500 is house cleaning business.  This is another service-based business that working professionals will compensate others to do for them.  You may also get tips with this business.


The most important thing to remember is that if you really want to start a Home Business, you should not let money stop you.  There are many affordable businesses that do not require a significant financial investment.  You can visit and peruse our Blog site http://OnlineMarketingHomeBusiness.com for plenty of useful Home Business Start Up information, education and training in order to start you or guide you on your personal path to successful entrepreneurship.  Join us today!


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