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I was in a traditional career, Engineering Design, Technical Support & Management, for most of my life.  However, in the last 10 years or so, I have been learning and growing my Internet Marketing knowledge and involvement.

During the learning process, involving many, many aspects of Internet Marketing, I had found that the easiest route for those who are online marketing beginners is Affiliate Marketing, allowing people to get started marketing digital products and making income online without much cost up-front, without a lot of technical expertise needed and without having to create one’s own product.  I focused on this avenue of online marketing for quite a while.

However, in dealing with a lot of people involved with Internet Marketing at various levels, I found that most want to truly replace their traditional career with a real, exceptional digital business.  This allows digital entrepreneurs to have true freedoms: financial, time and location.

To that end, I have changed my focus from online marketing of various electronic products, to specifically aiding people in becoming digital entrepreneurs, and starting their own sophisticated and profitable digital business.

Therefore, I have created this http://OnlineMarketingHomeBusiness.com blog portal to provide inspiration, education, training and digital business platforms for aspiring Online Entrepreneurs, and small business support, as follows:

  • Comprehensive learning and training opportunities for those who want to get started launching and building their own digital business, or are fairly new with an online marketing effort
  • Digital Marketing programs which are highly useful for starting one’s digital business, in several important Internet Marketing arenas, available for people at various levels depending on available resources, and including easy entry-points for start-up
  • Helping to support Small Business entrepreneurs worldwide, who need funding to manage or grow their business. I help to provide such funding through MicroLoans with a percentage of commissions earned from people like you, via http://www.Kiva.org
  • Powerful Affiliate Marketing systems, for those that would like to start their online marketing efforts through that avenue. These provide both exceptional training content as well as a good deal of the infrastructure and backing needed by an Affiliate Marketing business

Join us, learn and grow with digital entrepreneurship!  We can work together to start your own digital business, or build your existing online marketing presence.  If you would like to see my Media Citations, having been cited as a top professional in Home Business Start Up, please see my Network Media page.   Thank you.  I look forward to helping you succeed.


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Marv Wells

“Digital Business Start Up Specialist”

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“Entrepreneurs are just normal people, who have conquered the fear of the process of becoming great unto oneself.  With a Home Business Start Up, they can achieve power over their own destiny and the true freedoms that go along with it.”

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