Become a Digital Entrepreneur With a Home Business Start Up

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In the modern world, almost all businesses are digitized in some form, yet, increasingly, they’re becoming solely Internet-based with a global reach.  The advance of cloud and mobile computing technology and the innovation developing from it, are offering business-minded people avenues of opportunity not available before.  With the fields of opportunity opened wide, let’s talk about HOW to be a Digital Entrepreneur with a Home Business Start Up.


Home and Remote Flexibility

The main attribute gained with cloud and mobile computing technology and the software solutions supporting its functionality, is the flexibility it gives businesses to work.  Specifically, this means businesses can, essentially, become paperless and office-less if desired.  The popular phrase: anytime, anywhere, and with any mobile device, is a major breakthrough in expanding a business’ capabilities.

The Digital Entrepreneur has the choice to work from home and/or remotely, which expands the services or products offered even further.  The main asset for the Home Business Start Up is their website; the computer, mobile devices, and software that powers them, are their main tools.  From this lean methodology, only small investments are needed to get started, while BIG potential lures the Digital Entrepreneur on.

Variables for Success

What makes one Home Business Start Up more successful than another?  This is a great question, especially considering most start ups struggle to maintain a sustainable long-term business.  Yet, it could be argued that success is assured when the Digital Entrepreneur has the right variables aligned.  In other words, when Digital Entrepreneurs are committed and are marketing a product or service in demand, then success is all but assured.

The main variables needed are both tangible and intangible, such as:Success on Gold Bricks

  • Commitment and dedication
  • Effective Online Marketing
  • Software and hardware tools
  • Product and/or service in demand
  • Budgeting and finances
  • Partnerships and delegation prowess

These are some of the main variables involved in establishing a sustainable Home Business as a Digital Entrepreneur.  Many times, one successful start up leads to (or merges) with another, in which case: flexible business growth strategies are at a premium.  This is especially true with the sharing economy or Mobile App-centered start ups, which must adapt quickly to a rapidly changing market due to technological innovation.

Elements of a Home Business Start Up

The main elements needed in a start up are: the products and/or services, website, software, hardware, initial investment, and an Online Marketing strategy.  There are literally thousands of ideas for Digital Entrepreneurs to draw from to start a Home Business, yet these main elements are always needed; the variables defining them will depend on the type of business chosen.  Some entrepreneurs have a specific product or service to sell, while others are merely searching for a viable opportunity to make money.

Innovation on ScreenIndependent vs Brokered Innovation

Some Digital Entrepreneurs are using larger platforms for their Home Business Start Ups, while others are creating platforms for others to use.  Either choice provides a certain level of innovative opportunity for the modern Digital Entrepreneur.  The sharing economy and Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) start ups are examples of using larger broker platforms; creating a website and offering writing services is an example of starting an independent Home Business.

Whether the Home Business Start Up is independent, or using a large broker platform, there are many innovative ideas possible.  The scale, type, services, products, and delivery, can all be uniquely created and developed for each start up, carving out a niche in the digital economy.  For example, many people are selling crafts they make on Etsy, while also selling them on their own websites and other broker platforms.


There are many ways to become a Digital Entrepreneur with a Home Business Start Up, yet all require the same main elements and offer the flexibility of working from home and/or remotely. Cloud and mobile computing technologies are opening up many opportunities for innovation in global markets, giving Digital Entrepreneurs the market and tools to succeed with their Home Businesses.

While many start ups struggle, entrepreneurs can ensure their success by: staying committed and dedicated, offering a product or service in demand, developing profitable partnerships, using innovative software/hardware, and using effective Online Marketing strategies.  Of course, they’ll also need to have an initial investment and a lean methodology to sustain the Home Business in the long-term.

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