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When you set up your website, you include content that explains what your Home Business Start Up is all about.  You may have different pages explaining the various services you provide or perhaps pages that display your products.  Once you’ve set up all the pages needed for a functional business website, then what?  How do you grow your website to attract more Search Engine traffic?  Search Engines, such as Google, can bring in valuable traffic in the form of people looking for products and services.  The more search traffic you can get, the more you will benefit from increased business leads and customers.

This is where a blog comes in.  It’s the perfect vehicle for steady content creation.  Although each blog post/page won’t necessarily get a ton of traffic, tens or hundreds of blog posts, each bringing in a modest amount of traffic to your Home Business, will add up to substantial quantities.  For example, if your average blog post brings in 10 visitors a day, then 100 posts will net you ~1,000 visitors each day.

What You Should Blog About

Blog posts don’t have to focus exclusively on your Home Business Start Up, and this is a good thing because there is only so much that you can write, about your business.  In fact, writing only about yourself isn’t the best way to attract search traffic and buyers.  A better approach is writing about the problems or “pain points” that your products and/or services solve.

For example, if you sell exercise equipment as an Affiliate Marketer, then you can blog about the benefits of exercise, how to lose weight via exercise, how to find time for exercise, and so forth.  All of these posts will interest just the type of people most likely to buy your equipment.

Helpful informational posts related to your services and products build trust and establish you as an expert.  People are more inclined to buy from helpful experts than from pushy sales people.  While you can and should blog about what your business can do for its customers, this type of post should be sprinkled in among more numerous, useful informational topics.  You can frame these topics in such a way as to make your service or product appear to be the easiest or most effective solution.


How to Get Blogging Ideas

Continually writing content will use up the ideas of even the most creative of people.  However, there are many ways of generating new blog topics.  The most obvious way is using keyword tools that tell you the search phrases people are using in the Search Engines.  Use phrases that unambiguously reveal the searcher’s intent and base posts on those that tie into your Home Business Start Up.

Another method is basing blogging topics on questions left by your readers in the Comment section of your blog posts.  These questions indicate what’s foremost on their minds, and providing answers in several posts will surely get your readers’ interest and engage them further.  You can also base posts on Email inquiries.  When you Start Home Business, if you find that certain questions are repeatedly asked, you can write a FAQ post or perhaps base a separate post on each question.

If your blog posts aren’t getting many Comments, then you can visit forums in your niche and write about popular topics discussed there or commonly asked questions.  Check out other blogs in your niche and look for posts with lots of comments or FaceBook likes.  The topics covered in these posts are obviously of interest to your niche.  Write several posts of your own on these topics that reflect your own unique viewpoint.  Be careful NOT to repeat or parallel the writing of others.

Another source of blogging ideas are question and answer sites such as Quora and Yahoo Answers.  You can also find ideas from your past blog posts.  For example, look for tips posts and base a blog post on each tip.  That is, you can expand and elaborate on each tip in a separate post.


As you can see, a blog has a lot of potential for bringing more traffic, leads, and customers to your Home Business.  When done correctly, blogging can establish you as an expert in your niche, which gains the confidence and trust of your visitors.

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