Defining a Profitable Niche for Your Home Business Start Up

      If you’re thinking about launching a Home Business Start Up, you’ll need to choose a niche.  Sure, there are some Online Businesses that sell ALL types of products and services, such as Amazon.  But attempting to muscle your way into a highly competitive market without focusing on a specific type of product or service is a sure-fire recipe for failure.     What […]

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How to Get More Publicity for Your Home Business Start Up

Now that you have a Home Business Start Up, your number one priority is attracting new customers.  Publicity is important because it can expose your brand to many people who could buy your products and services.  The good news is that you don’t have to hire a full-time employee to handle publicity or a public relations firm.  Curious to know how you can get started?  Below […]

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3 Myths that Can Harm Your Home Business Start Up

Your Home Business Start Up can improve your life in many ways.  Independence, satisfaction, no commuting, and increasing your income beyond that of your 9-5 job are the potential rewards.  To make this a reality, you must make informed decisions based on facts rather than myths and misinformation that clutters the Internet about Home Based Businesses.  These can lead you astray and undermine your efforts. […]

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Inventory Concerns: An Overlooked Aspect of Home Business Start Up

  There are plenty of sources that will tell you about the basics of deciding what to sell with a Home Business Start Up, but they tend to focus on factors that aren’t entirely physical.  You can easily learn about things like market testing, whether or not you need an LLC, and various tax issues.  What is often overlooked is the basic, physical nuts and […]

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Blogging for Your Home Business Start Up

  When you set up your website, you include content that explains what your Home Business Start Up is all about.  You may have different pages explaining the various services you provide or perhaps pages that display your products.  Once you’ve set up all the pages needed for a functional business website, then what?  How do you grow your website to attract more Search Engine […]

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Showing Responsiveness in Your Home Business Start Up

  Empathy is the ability to understand your own emotions and to recognize and act upon the emotions that you recognize in other people.  In the Home Business world, the ability to demonstrate empathy is important in all jobs, but especially in sales and marketing.  Recently, we’ve read much on how empathy matters, even in terms of hiring job candidates.  This quality is also important […]

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Home Business Start Up: More Tips for Your Office Set Up

  In the Home Business Start Up world, it can be difficult to stay organized.  This is especially true if you’re a new business owner.  Setting up your office or workspace efficiently, is an important part of being successful.  After all, how will you be able to work well, if you don’t even know where everything is?  If your files and folders are scattered all […]

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Taking Action: Critical for Your Home Business Start Up

Today, anyone with access to the Internet can begin a Home Business Start Up without investing lots of money.  You don’t have to spend money on expensive inventory, pay rent for office space, hire employees, or get a business degree.  A computer or tablet, an Internet connection, a desk, and a chair are all the physical things you need.  If today’s Online Marketing business environment […]

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Why You Need Copywriting for Your Home Business Start Up

  Recently, we saw this quote of the day by Nyeeam Hudson on “You don’t see a masterpiece take shape until you add all the pieces.  Greatness works the same way.”  This quote points to a critical understanding that new Home Business owners need before they can aspire to greatness.  They must be willing to invest their time in branding their Home Business Start […]

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My Home Business Start Up Philosophy

“Entrepreneurs are just normal people, who have conquered the fear of the process of becoming great unto oneself.  With a Home Business Start Up, they can achieve POWER over their own destiny and the true freedoms that go along  with it.”   Marv Wells  

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