The Island of the Insane Birds !

    I have an interesting and slightly crazy story and lesson for you today… Get ready for it…!   The Island of the Insane Birds…     There’s a tiny, uninhabited island off the west coast of Ireland called Beginish.  And if you set foot on it in June, the birds that live there will go INSANE.  They will squawk and dive-bomb you and raise a […]

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The “Venetian Way” to Stay on Track and Succeed Online

A friend of mine recently came back from a trip to the Greek island of Crete, which is the largest island in the Mediterranean. He said that one of the highlights was visiting the Venetian Lighthouse in Chania.  Back in the 16th century, this lighthouse guided ships to the safety of the port town. We have GPS today, so lighthouses aren’t used much anymore.  But […]

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5 Online Marketing Tips for Home Business Start Ups Selling Crafts

  Carving out a niche Home Business Start Up by creating crafts and art is a fun, exciting and fulfilling opportunity for those that truly enjoy it.  The online world today has opened up a worldwide market, making it more possible for people to earn a living from making and selling crafts and art from home.  Let’s discuss this more by looking at 5 Online […]

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Spanish Conquistador: Important Lesson in Leadership

I’ve got a quick story for you with a powerful life lesson…  ​​Stick with me for this… After landing his invasion forces on the shores of some country, sixteenth-century Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes would immediately burn all of his boats. This action sent his army a message: “We can’t turn back.  Either we succeed here or we die here.” Once Cortes directed his people’s energy away […]

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Home Business Start Up: Training & Support Importance

  By nature, the entrepreneur doesn’t readily want to admit their need for support and training for their business ideas, yet these elements have more importance than most consider.  Many times, people start businesses to get away from being told how to do their job in the first place, yet a modicum of structure can make a positive difference.  This article will explore this topic […]

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Consider These Factors with Your Home Business Start Up

  The majority of new start-ups FAIL within the first 2-5 years.  The ones who make it have carefully considered everything that can be thought about and have been agile when responding to the surprises.  They have also started out on good foundations.  What makes a good foundation for a Home Business Start Up?  Here are a few factors that often prove to be key:   […]

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5 Secrets to Living the 4-Hour Workweek

One of the big appeals to running your own online Home Business is the idea of the “4-Hour Work Week”. Tim Ferriss made the concept popular with his bestselling book, and there has been a literal library of books published since then telling you how to achieve it, with Online Marketing.   Really though, it comes down to just 5 simple things: Automation – You need a […]

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Online Marketing Home Business :: Mission, Content & Goals

    Welcome to !     My Blog provides information, education, training and actual high-quality business opportunity systems related to the following primary business categories: Home Business Start Up How to Start a Small Business Internet Marketing Online Marketing Digital Marketing Online Business Work At Home Work From Home Network Marketing Make Money Online Home Business Plan Multiple Streams of Income My business […]

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