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The majority of new start-ups FAIL within the first 2-5 years.  The ones who make it have carefully considered everything that can be thought about and have been agile when responding to the surprises.  They have also started out on good foundations.  What makes a good foundation for a Home Business Start Up?  Here are a few factors that often prove to be key:



Consider What the Market Wants to Buy

This is opposite of what most people do.  It’s more typical for people to think of what they want to sell and then try to force sales.  This is one of the reasons most businesses end up failing, so don’t follow the crowd!  Instead, do careful research to figure out what your target market wants to buy.  Then, sell that.

New Product Target

There is a huge fallacy that is commonly circulated when it comes to deciding on a product for a Home Business Start Up: Many say that you should be passionate about your items.  In reality, this is false.  You need to be passionate about business and ALL that goes with it.  If you are thrilled with making sales, finding new hit products to make even more of them, and thinking of new ways to grow your business, you will be able to promote any product just fine.  There is absolutely no need to find the product itself inherently exciting – it’ll become exciting to you simply because it’s what you’re selling.

Be Careful of Items That Expire

Stock that expires becomes sunk cost the moment the expiration happens.  When you’re first starting out, that might not seem like a problem.  However, in any product line, there will be variations that take forever to sell.  That’s too long for products that will expire on you.  If you stick to products that never go stale, it won’t matter if it takes you a year and a half to move a certain variation.

Target Customers DiagramExpect Some Items to be Duds

Think of how many times you’ve gone to stores and heard that a specific item or variation has been discontinued.  That happens because those things weren’t selling too well.  If you sell products, you will run into some that just don’t want to move.  Don’t get discouraged – just focus on the things that sell better.

Market testing will help significantly when it comes to avoiding dud items.  However, even with this, there will be a few.  Simply be sure to plan for it and avoid buying a truckload of anything you haven’t market tested yet.

It’s Easier to Scale Products than Services

If you go into a service business and it takes off, you’ll find that you can ONLY handle a set number of customers per day.  After that, if you want to grow, you’ll have to hire help.  That’s NOT to say that service businesses are bad, but it does mean that you need a plan for growth right from the beginning of a Home Business Start Up.

With products, on the other hand, you can sell thousands per day before you truly need to hire help.  Packing is easy and quick, once you master it.

You Don’t Need to Saddle Yourself with Thousands of Dollars of DebtDebt Free Switch

This is the big liberating factor with Home Business.  Thanks to the internet, ALL you need to start up is a website and something to sell.  In fact, with Online Marketing, you can even stick to the selling aspect alone and get commissions from other merchants.

If you choose to sell physical products, you’ll find that there are many wholesalers willing to deal in small lots.  This greatly reduces your risk and lowers the cost of entry.  Many service businesses are just as financially easy to get into.


These are just some of many tips that can be given to people considering a Home Business Start Up.  With the proper research and mindset, your chances of success greatly improve.  We have many more useful tips, information and education available in our OmniTech Newsletter, available at our Blog site http://OnlineMarketingHomeBusiness.comVisit us today, and take advantage of all the powerful Home Business Start Up and Online Marketing training and opportunities we offer.  We look forward to helping you start, learn and grow your own Digital Marketing efforts!


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