Email Marketing: Top Strategy for Home Business Start Ups

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Email Marketing entails sending emails to a list of recipients in which your ultimate aim is selling products or services.  When done properly, it’s one of the most cost-effective marketing methods.  However, you must be careful to follow the requirements set forth by the Can-Spam Act of 2003.  Building a responsive email list is almost as important to your Home Business Start Up as having a website.



Building a Responsive List

The effectiveness of your Email Marketing campaigns depends on how well you can build trust with your email list members.  The way you go about this isn’t much different from how it’s done on a website.  That is, you provide useful content that assists your readers in whatever motivated them to visit your Home Business Start Up website or join your list.  Of course, the products and services you sell should also be useful to them.  For example, if you sell golf clubs, then providing tips on improving their golf swing in your email content is useful, establishes your expertise, and gains their trust.  When you recommend one of your golf clubs, they will be more inclined to buy.  Email Marketing conducted in this way is a form of Relationship Marketing.

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Another important factor in your Email Campaign effectiveness, is the method you use to build your email list.  For example, if you send emails to people without their permission, they will likely treat your emails as spam.  If you use purchased email addresses, your list may also consider your emails as spam, even though at some point they indicated their willingness to allow a third party to sell their addresses.

The best way to build a responsive list is having people voluntarily opt-in to your list.  This is commonly done by including an Opt-In Form in a conspicuous area on every page of your website.  Be sure to explain the benefits of joining your list.  Make your explanation as enticing as possible.

You can also offer an incentive for joining your list, such as a discount, free content, or useful software.  If they’re interested in your incentive as well as your promised benefits, they’ll willingly read your emails and consider your recommendations.

Remember to Treat Your List Well

The more your email list grows, the more sales you make per promotional email sent.  Some people claim that having a large responsive email list is like having a money machine.  One promotional email that takes twenty-five minutes to write can net thousands of dollars of sales.  However, this is not entirely accurate.  While this can happen with a responsive list, you can’t constantly send promotional emails and expect to get the same results every time.  Your list members from your Home Business will quickly grow tired of this and will regard your emails as no different from the spam that floods their in-boxes every day.Give or Take Sign

This is why you should never lose sight of the fact that Email Marketing is a form of Relationship Marketing.  Your list looks to you for advice, tips, and helpful product recommendations.  Treat your list members as people you care about.  Ask them about their biggest concerns and use this feedback to map out your email content and promotions.

Concluding Remarks

A common regret of many Home Business Start Up entrepreneurs is NOT starting an email list sooner.  Although it requires more work in addition to your other Home Business tasks, start building one as soon as the search engines and your marketing efforts bring traffic to your website.  Lists take time to build, and the sooner you start, the better.

You may question why you can’t just sell your products and services from your website alone.  You can certainly do this.  However, with Email Marketing, you can sell to people several times over.  Selling a list member three or more products over the course of their subscription is more profitable than selling a single product to a one-time visitor to your website.  A large responsive email list also provides security against the day when an important traffic source dries up.

Email Marketing is a top strategy in all comprehensive Affiliate Marketing and Internet Marketing programs.  We offer you education and training in Home Business Start Up and many aspects of Online Marketing, as well as some very powerful systems in these Small Business arenas.  Our Blog site provides many opportunities for you to start and grow a profitable Digital Business.  We look forward to helping you be a successful entrepreneur.


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