Growing Your Home Business Start Up With Outsourcing

Outsourcing Words WorldEntrepreneurs who run successful Home Business Start Ups wear many hats.  When your Start Up doesn’t generate enough revenue for hiring help, you have little choice but to do everything yourself because your survival depends on it.  Eventually, your business revenue will reach a point where you will have to decide if you will invest it back into the business in the form of outsourced help.

Outsourced help will speed the growth of your Home Business Start Up because multiple people are working on it at the same time.  One person such as yourself can only do one thing at a time.  When you’re busy building your website, writing blog content, or making a company logo, you aren’t doing billable activities such as providing a service, or activities that increase product sales, such as marketing.

How to Decide When to Outsource

When deciding whether to outsource a task, compare the net revenue generation of your Home Business Start Up when doing the work yourself against outsourcing it to a skilled person.  If you can’t do the task quickly and expertly because you’re spending hours or even days learning how to do it, other important tasks that you should be doing aren’t getting done.  How do the savings of not hiring qualified help compare with the lost business opportunities of not focusing on your core skills and abilities?

You can answer this question by making an estimate of how much your time is worth.  If you’re providing a service, you should add up the hours required to bring in business plus performing the service.  Then divide the total hours into the amount you get paid.  This will give you a “dollars per hour” figure.  Multiply this by the hours required to write a blog post or perform some other task that you could outsource.  Then compare this result with the cost of outsourcing the job.  If outsourcing is cheaper, it’s clear you should outsource.OmniTech Enterprises Logo

When the task is something you don’t know how to do or you can’t do well, there’s no need to make estimates.  Find a skilled person at a reasonable rate who can quickly and expertly finish the job.  The same is true for work you don’t like, or can’t complete because you don’t have the time.  There may come a time when you will have to outsource work that you’re highly proficient at to someone of lesser skill.  This can happen when important Home Business matters completely consume your time.


Three Examples of Outsourced Tasks:

Content Writing

Blogs aren’t effective at drawing potential customers unless you frequently publish informative posts.  This is a long-term effort, and sporadic posts won’t do the job.  It’s unrealistic to expect that you’ll have the time to keep up with the demands of regular content production while doing your other business functions.  Instead, you can hire a freelance writer or use a content creation site.

Website Development and MaintenanceOutsourcing Button

Although you can use various Content Management Systems that allow you to “quickly” build a functional website, it will involve lots of time-consuming learning.  In addition, there’s more to Web Development than the technical aspects of putting up a Home Based Business website.  You will need to understand how web design affects the conversion of visitors into customers, and be able to test different page elements, as well as do any required ongoing maintenance.  This in itself can make or break your website’s profitability.

Marketing, Social Media Promotion, and Search Engine Optimization

If neither Marketing, Social Media Promotion, nor Search Engine Optimization are your core skills, you should outsource these to a qualified individual or agency.  Each are time intensive and require specific skills.  All of these activities are about acquiring customers, and the success of your Home Business Start Up will depend on doing one or more of these activities well.  Bringing in customers is often a core competency of the Home Business owner, but not always.  For example, many successful book authors leave the promotional work to trusted outsourced help.

A simple rule to follow is this: Work on your business, not in your business.  Running the business is your job.  Leave the detailed tasks to outsourced help.


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