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One of our business goals is to support small business entrepreneurs looking to create a better future for themselves, their families and their communities, worldwide.  Our support is in the form of funding MicroLoans to entrepreneurs in order to help them manage or grow their businesses.

Through the services provided by, we help borrowers start or grow a business, access clean energy or realize their potential in other ways.  For some of them, it’s a matter of survival, while for others it’s the fuel for a life-long ambition.

The funding that and OmniTech Enterprises, LLC provides, through, is to fund loans to entrepreneurs, not donations.  It is a powerful and sustainable way to create economic and social good.  It also creates a partnership of mutual dignity, making it easy to positively touch more lives with smaller amounts of dollars from any one source.

Our funding support to the worldwide entrepreneurial community (currently 83 countries) is made possible by people like you, taking advantage of the Business Start Up education & training, as well as Affiliate Marketing opportunities that we provide access to, and heartily endorse.  We directly fund MicroLoans with a percentage of all new commissions received from sales of the primary and secondary digital business programs that we provide through this website.

Additionally, when MicroLoans that OmniTech Enterprises, LLC has been involved with are repaid by the borrowers, funding that we originally provided goes back out to to support other entrepreneurs, no matter where they are.  Therefore, any funding that we provide, through YOUR help, continues to help people worldwide by cycling through future MicroLoans to entrepreneurs well into the future.

When a MicroLoan that we help fund enables an entrepreneur in need of funds to grow a business and create opportunity for themselves, it creates opportunities for others as well.  That ripple effect can help shape the future for a deserving individual, a family or an entire community.

Please join us today, in helping to support small business entrepreneurs worldwide.  You will not regret it.  Thank you.


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More information about MicroLoans is available at .  Examples of MicroLoans that OmniTech Enterprises, LLC recently helped to fund can be found below.  We generally provide the FINAL funding of Applicants’ MicroLoans, pushing their loans into the “Funded” status.


Completed Loan Funding:Helping People


Julio Luis

Ventana, Ecuador Loan Total: $1,500 :: 14 Month Loan

“A loan to purchase corn seed and to rent machinery.”

This loan is special because:

It allows rural farmers to make repayments when they harvest their crops.

Julio Luis’s Story Julio is 39 years old, single, has three children, and lives in San Miguel.  He makes a living in agriculture growing corn.  He is applying for this loan to purchase corn seed and to rent machinery.  His dream is to have and to farm his own land, and to face challenges such as maintaining his crop in spite of pests.  In his free time, he likes to play sports.



Akongnui Mbah

Bamenda, Cameroon Loan Total: $350 :: 15 Month Loan

“A loan to buy crates of drinks.”

This loan is special because:

It gives poor business owners in Cameroon the capital to grow their businesses.

Akongnui Mbah’s Story Akongnui is a 24-year-old businessman dealing with Off-License.  He needs financial support to increase his stock of drinks to make use of sales opportunities.  The benefit will be reinvested into the business to ensure growth.



Mary Jane

Quezon, Palawan, Philippines Loan Total: $275 :: 11 Month Loan

“A loan to purchase fishing materials like new fishnet, gasoline for her boat, rope, etc. for her fishing business.”

This loan is special because:

It helps this Borrower grow their business.

Mary Jane’s Story As a married parent of four children, Mary Jane works hard to support her family.  She has a fishing business in the Philippines and also earns additional income from farming rice.   She hopes that her hard work will help her attain her dream of building and expanding her business to secure the future of her family.  Mary Jane has been sustaining her business activities through her past two loans from Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation (NWTF).



Carlos Enrique

El Salvador Loan Total: $500 :: 13 Month Loan

“A loan of $500 helps to buy seeds, fertilizers, compost, pest controls, herbicides, etc.”

This loan is special because:

It serves farmers located near dangerous geographical regions.

Carlos Enrique‘s Story Carlos, who is 29 years old, lives in his own house with his daughter.  He has been raising corn for five years.  He sells his products in the various markets that are near his house, and with the earnings that he obtains from his sales, he manages to pay some of the expenses of his household.  He is applying for a loan for the purchase of seeds, fertilizers, compost, pest controls, herbicides, etc., to thus be able to continue with his crops, which generate good economic income for him.



Mphatso Group :: Bakery

Balaka, Mali Loan Total: $900 :: 6 Month Loan

“A loan to to buy 2 bags of flour and cooking oil for making fritters to sell.”

This loan is special because:

It enables women living below the poverty line to start businesses.

Mphatso Group’s Story:  Eliza is 41 years old.  She is a wife, and a mother of 5 children who rely upon her.  Her husband is a farmer.  Eliza sells fritters.  She requires a loan to buy more stock for her business including 2 bags of flour and cooking oil.  She will be able to pay school fees for her children, and buy food for her family with the profits from this business.

She started the business to educate her children and provide other basic needs.  One of her family members helps with the running of the business.  Eliza’s future plan is to purchase a treadle pump to use for irrigation and to build a good house for her family.  In this group: Edith, Ester Chimera, Teleza, Fagilesi, Esnart, Gladess, Eliza, Olive, Eliza, Jenipher, Manesi, Cathereen