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Content by Digital Altitude, Nov. 5, 2016.  Sometimes people forget that the process for increasing online sales with a Home Business Start Up is not always as simple as it seems.  If you want to increase your online sales, you have to be willing to change up the copy on your website, split test various ads and also alter the structure of your website so it’s better optimized for conversion.  If you fail to put in the work to test and see what is working and what isn’t working, at some point your online sales will flat-line.


If you are serious about running a successful Home Business Start Up, you absolutely need to invest the time and resources into your website and marketing to make sure you are attracting every customer you possibly can.  If you want to dramatically increase your online sales, consider the following 3 tips that we’ve found work really well in the world of Online Business.

#1  Include Fewer Products on Your Homepage

One of the most classic mistakes that Online Entrepreneurs make is including too many products and/or services on the homepage of their website.  These Online Entrepreneurs may think that they are doing their customers a great service by showcasing ALL the products they carry, but research and testing has proven that using this strategy can also increase confusion and drive customers off your site quicker.  If you want to increase your online sales you should consider focusing on one key productor a set of related products on your homepage.  It’s fine to have separate pages for all of your products, but keep it simple on the homepage and watch your online sales increase.

#2  Change the Location of Your Opt-in Offer

The real secret to success in Online Business is having a large email list.  If you want to build a large and profitable email list you need to make sure you have a great opt-in offer so people will actually want to subscribe to your list, and you also need to make sure the opt-in form is displayed prominently on your Home Business Start Up website.  For the best results, consider adding a floating opt-in bar to the top of your website—one that shows up on every page.  You might also consider adding the opt-in form to the top left hand corner of your website.  The more people you can get on your email list, the higher your online sales will get.

#3  Narrow Your Target Market

Online advertising grows more sophisticated each and every year, which is a great thing for anyone running an Online Business.  If you want to increase your online sales, the KEY is to offer promotions and offers that hit very narrow segments within your target customer group.  It’s really easy for people to ignore a vague ad that doesn’t address their pain points or peak their interest, but the more narrow you get with your ads, the better chance you have of those ads converting.


If you want tips on how to start and/or grow a Home Business Start Up or Online Business, check out all the resources available with us at OmniTech Enterprises, LLC.  Visit us today at http://OnlineMarketingHomeBusiness.com for useful information, education and training, as well as some very powerful systems and opportunities.  Our goal is to help you become a successful Digital Entrepreneur and live the life of your dreams!


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