Home Business Start Up: Social Media Marketing Mistakes

With a Home Business Start Up, many people are quick to jump into Social Media.  However, this shouldn’t come as a surprise at all.  Besides, Social Networking has become a popular tool for both Home Business owners and potential customers alike.  Whether you’re chatting on FaceBook or tweeting someone on Twitter, one of the best things about Social Media, is that each outlet is unique in its own right.

For example, the way you would reach out to your audience on FaceBook, is quite different from how you’d market your content on Twitter.  While FaceBook is much more interactive, Twitter is reserved for more limited conversations, with a word restriction as well.  While many Home Based Business owners enjoy using Social Media, a lack of experience can lead to problems.  What are some Social Media marketing mistakes to avoid?

#1. Forceful Marketing Tactics

As a new owner of a Home Business Start Up, it’s natural to be excited about wanting to reach out to your customers.  You’ve never used Social Media for anything but chatting before, and you feel this will be a great opportunity for you.  However, one common mistake many make when they get started, is that they try to force customers to get interested in their service(s).  Basically, these business owners beat the customers over the head with their marketing content.

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In fact, many people tend to spam their business content.  For example, let’s say you post a video of your product, but get no response or likes.  If you repeatedly posted the video throughout the day, in an attempt to get others to notice, this could come off as an aggressive sales pitch.  All it’s really going to do is annoy customers.  Remember, no one likes it when they feel like they’re being forced to buy something.  At best, make sure to market in a way that appeals to your target audience, while feeling natural as well.

#2. Not Being Responsive To Your Customers

When you have an audience on Social Media, it’s important you respond to them in a timely manner.  People aren’t always the most patient, and you might begin to lose customers if you take too long to get back to them.  For example, let’s say after you publish a Home Business marketing video, one customer had a question about how the product works.  If you didn’t get back to them until a few days later, imagine how frustrated that customer would be.

After all, we’ve been in their shoes before.  We often know how frustrating it can be when a business is unresponsive to our requests.  Overall, always make sure to keep track of your feedback, and don’t take too long to reply.  In fact, as a better way to manage your Social Networking responses, set up notifications on your mobile phone.

#3. Ignoring FeedbackSocial Media Magnifier

It’s one thing to ignore your customers when they have questions, but ignoring essential feedback is just as bad.  While we might not always like criticism, it can often help us make improvements on our content.  Even if you’re an experienced Home Based Business owner, don’t always assume you know everything.  Your customers could give you some useful advice on ways you can improve your content.

For example, let’s say you’re marketing your product for the first time.  If you weren’t very specific on how the product works, one of your customers might ask you to elaborate.  If you are overselling your content, expect some criticism as well.  These examples are just a few, but always remember to acknowledge customer feedback.


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