How to Get Funding for Your Home Business Start Up

Injection of MoneyWhen you decide to start up a Home Business, you have to look at the costs.  Regardless of what industry you are going into, there are going to be some expenses.  This may include equipment, training, materials, and much more.  Knowing how to get the funding can make it easier for you to pursue your dreams.

Creating a Business Plan

Before you get started with any kind of loan application, you need to create a business plan.  This will identify the type of business you are in, your estimation on revenue earnings, and the various expenses that you plan to incur.  It’s best to create a one-year business plan so that you can look at all of your start up expenses as well as the other expenses that your Home Business Start Up will continue to spend through the year.

Some things to include:

  • Equipment
  • Materials
  • Electricity, internet
  • Insurance premiums
  • Marketing costs

Briefcase Money

You want to consider every expense the Home Business Start Up is likely to incur.  This will be matched against the revenue you plan on bringing in.  It’s only natural to make the assumption that you are NOT going to make a significant amount of revenue starting out.  This is because you still need to get used to being in business and obtaining customers.


As such, it is going to be difficult to make a profit in the very beginning.  This is when it will be even more necessary for you to have funding in place.  Without sufficient funding, you would likely have to shut your Online Marketing business down because of not having enough money to continue operations.

When you have a Business Plan, it will show investors that you have thought of everything.  They will be able to see what kind of marketing you have planned, as well as when you plan on being able to generate a profit.

Bank Loans

Bank loans are generally the first place to start when you are trying to get the funding for your Home Business.  They are going to want to see a Business Plan.  They are also likely going to want you to have money in the bank.  This means that they are not going to put up 100% of the business costs.  They may want you to have 25 or 50% of the total expenses, and they will provide a loan for the rest.

Micro Loans & Other FundingGold Dollar Sign

Many Home Business Start Ups don’t require a significant amount of money.  This is when you can explore Micro Loans as well as other funding options.  Much of it is going to depend on how much you need to borrow as well as the industry you are going to be in.

Learning about funding options is important so that you have the necessary means of getting your business up and running sufficiently.  Non-traditional loans can be easier to be approved for, even if they are slightly higher in interest rates.


As an entrepreneur, you may be able to work with various “Angel” investors.  In these instances, they may not ask for money to be returned.  This is obviously the best scenario because you won’t have to worry about any kind of payback plan.  While these are not common, you may be awarded such things, especially if you have a unique Home Business Start Up idea.  Additionally, there may be various contests in which you can participate in order to gain the necessary funding for your business.

By networking and attending various events that are designed for Home Business Start Up entrepreneurs, you can learn about the various options that exist for funding and ensure that you have a plan in place.


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