How to Get More Publicity for Your Home Business Start Up

Public Relations KeyNow that you have a Home Business Start Up, your number one priority is attracting new customers.  Publicity is important because it can expose your brand to many people who could buy your products and services.  The good news is that you don’t have to hire a full-time employee to handle publicity or a public relations firm.  Curious to know how you can get started?  Below are five strategies you can use to generate publicity for your company.

Create a Press Kit for Your Business and Publish It on Your Company’s Website

First, you should make a professional Press Kit.  This will make it easy for reporters, bloggers, and other media types to find out more information about your company.  You should include facts about your Home Business and other resources to explain your products and services in greater detail.  Remember to include high-resolution images of your brand and logo.

There should also be an Email address included in the Press Kit that people can contact if they need additional information or to get a quote from you or an employee for a story.  When your Press Kit is ready, post it on your website so people can find it.  You can also mail out physical copies of your Press Kit, if you like.

Use Social Media Influencers to Generate PublicitySocial Media Magnifier

Social Media Influencers are a great way to get other people to notice your Home Business Start Up.  Influencers are an authority in their respective industries.  For example, if you are starting a makeup line, you should contact beauty gurus or influencers to make Social Media posts featuring your product.  Just make sure they have a large following (10,000 followers minimum) that fits your key target demographic.  You can also prepare the content beforehand so that your company’s branding is visible in each post.  Remember, you may have to have to pay them for each post, although you may be able to offer them free products or give them a discount in exchange for promoting your brand.

Create a Pitch for Your Company and Practice It

What is your Core Values and Mission?  Why should customers buy from you instead of the competition?  How does your company deliver value?  Think about how you want to communicate your brand to other people.  After you have thought long and hard about it, write a three-minute pitch for your company and practice it until you know it from memory.  You can use this pitch when talking with potential customers, clients, investors or reporters so they can get a quick idea of what your company is about.

Write a Press Release and Distribute It to News Outlets

Another way you can get more publicity for your Home Business Start Up is to write a Press Release.  Typically Press Releases are short articles released to the press with different news-worthy stories.  You can easily write a Press Release about your Home Business launch, new product line, strategic partnership, or other topics, and get it published to the news outlets.

Analyze the Results of Your Publicity Efforts and Develop New Strategies

Lastly, sit down and analyze what is (and isn’t) successful.  Are Social Media Influencers driving more traffic to your website but you noticed your Press Releases aren’t getting any traction?  It is important for you to continually test and evaluate your publicity efforts.  You should also measure the engagement, reach, and other data to see which tactic is working for your company.Ideas Light Bulb


Regardless if you started your company five years ago or if you just started your Home Based Business this morning, it is never too late to use publicity to get new business.  We hope these tips will help give you some ideas that will take your company to the next level.

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