How to Start a Home Based Business as a Writer

Writer GraphicThere are millions of websites that must regularly publish content.  Many are businesses both large and small, while others are non-profits, local news sites, and government sites.  In addition to content demand from websites, there’s a big demand for content from consumers.  Although much of this is for informational content, there’s also a strong demand for fictional content and even autobiographical, if you have fascinating experiences to share.

As part of learning How to Start a Home Based Business as a Writer, you can either market yourself directly to the end-user or you can sell your content through a third-party such as Amazon or through an agency.  By working through intermediaries, the writer isn’t burdened with self marketing and can focus exclusively on writing.

But there is a cost to this because the writer will earn less money per word because the third-party must take its cut.  However, many writers find this satisfactory because they have no inclination to do marketing activities.  Working through an agency also gives the new writer an opportunity to gain experience and familiarity with the content that businesses want.

Freelance Writer LetterIf you choose to market yourself, there are many ways of doing this without the need to constantly hustle up business.  For example, as a freelance writer, you can look for a few long-term assignments.  Long writing gigs mean you spend more time writing and less time looking for work in between gigs.

Another business model when Starting a Home Based Business as a Writer is selling content to consumers through one’s own website.  In this case, the marketing consists of bringing in traffic through the Search Engines and Social Media, as well as writing guest blog posts for well established websites.  You should also have some skill in creating sales pages that entice your visitors to buy your content.

Types of Content That Sells:

Website Content

This can be product descriptions for e-commerce sites, or content describing the services and products of small businesses.  When a Small Business hires a web developer to build a site, writers are often subcontracted to fill in the web pages with content.  Websites with blogs will require a writer to produce and publish a steady supply of blog posts.Email on Laptop

Newsletters and Email Campaign Content

This is content for Emails sent to a list of subscribers.  Newsletters are similar to blog post writing in that the content production is both engaging and ongoing, and covers far-ranging topics related in some way to the business’s products and services.

Ebook Word ManE-Books

PDF E-books were among the first types of information products sold over the Internet and continue to sell today.  These contain specialized information of interest to a specific niche market.  If you’re selling an e-book directly to consumers, the information must be both valuable and unique in that it’s unobtainable elsewhere online for free.

White Papers

If you have experience with a specific industry, technology, product, or service, you can write white papers.  White papers are used by businesses that sell to other businesses (B2B) to persuade a company to buy a product, technology, or service.  This is done by convincing the reader that a product, technology, or service offering does the best job at solving a particular problem faced by the reader’s company.  Because of their specialized and technical nature, white papers tend to be lucrative for the writers who create them.

Promotional ContentSocial Promotion

The process of creating promotional content is copywriting.  This type of content convinces the reader to take some kind of action, such as buying a product, filling out a contact form, or joining a newsletter.  Copywriting can make or break the success of products and even businesses.  For this reason, experienced copywriters are well paid.


The above only scratch the surface of the many Home Based Business opportunities available for the writer.  If you can write well, have a computer and Internet connection, you have what it takes to Start your Home Based Business as a Writer.


Much more information, as well as education and training on Home Business Start Up and Online Marketing is available at our Blog site  We at OmniTech Enterprises aim to assist you in your Digital Marketing efforts by helping you start and/or grow your own Digital Business as a Writer.  We look forward to working with you!


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