How to Start a Home Business: 3 Tips to Grow Your Email List


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Business is about relationships.  Even the street vendors common to some large urban areas have a relationship of sorts with their customers.  They are cheerful, or at least courteous with their customers.  This may not seem like much of a relationship, but merely being pleasant is enough to get repeat customers.  Email Marketing is an online equivalent of relationship building with your Home Business prospects and old customers.



Why go to all the trouble of Email Marketing?  Because you can sell to people who would have otherwise quickly glanced at your website and moved on.  In addition, you can make multiple sales (over time) to the same individuals.  The person who buys directly off your website often moves on and then forgets about the site and your products.  When you learn How to Start a Home Business, that’s the power of sending regular emails to people who stand to benefit from your goods and services.  Because of this ongoing Email contact, you stay on their radar.

Two important factors that go into a profitable Email list are:Online Marketing Signpost

List quality.  These are engaged people with a genuine interest in what you have to sell, although they may not be ready to buy from you just yet…

List size.  The larger your list, the better.  People regularly make a respectable living with Email lists of 4,000 members and more.  However, this will depend on the price point of what you sell


As with everything, the difficulties are in the details, and one of the biggest is growing your list.  How quickly you build your list will depend on your effort level and your methods.  Here are three proven list building techniques:

Use Sign-Up Forms on Your Website

Place a Sign-Up Form on every page of your website.  Place it in a conspicuous location at the top of the page.  One of the best locations is just below the top header and centered on the page.  You might surround it with a color that contrasts yet coordinates well with your web page’s dominant color.  Place a message above the form that tells the visitor the important benefits of joining your list.  The advantage of Sign-Up Forms on your website is that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and marketing efforts for increasing your website traffic, simultaneously grow your list.

Use an IncentiveMan & Woman Laptop

Part of learning How to Start a Home Business, is when you incentivize people to join your list by offering a free gift.  E-books are a common offer and have been used for a long time.  This is because they work and are easy to make.  They are essentially well made PDF files organized like a book with chapters, text, images, and headers.  The e-book topic must be of value to your niche market.  Spend some money to get a professionally made e-book cover image.  A quality image enhances the e-book’s perceived value, which in turn, increases your list sign-up rate.

Of course, you aren’t limited to e-books.  You can use free video tutorials or courses.  Other incentives include discounts, coupons, useful software, podcasts, or free apps.  Anything of value that you can deliver online is a potential incentive.


There are many Home Based Businesses that complement each other yet aren’t direct competitors.  For example, if your Home Business sells information on fitness training, you could partner with a business that sells fitness equipment.  Create a fitness info product that the equipment seller can give away to her customers in exchange for them joining your list.

Why would the equipment seller agree to this?  Because she can give away a complementary gift (your info product) to her customers.  She can use this to “sweeten the deal” when her customers buy her equipment.  This increases her sales and customer loyalty.

It’s never too soon to start growing an Email list when you learn how to How to Start a Home Business.  Once your website is in place, create your Sign-Up Forms and then start your marketing.

Please visit us today if you would like information & education about starting and growing your own Home Business at our Blog site: .  OmniTech Enterprises, LLC is proud to help Home Business Start Up founders achieve their dreams, and we will assist you to grow a profitable Online Business.


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