How to Start a Small Business: 4 Overlooked Elements for Success

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If you are planning on launching your own business, you probably already know that the majority of start-ups fail within their first few years.  And why?  It has something to do with a lack of preparedness, strategy execution, and research.  You don’t have to be one more statistic when you’ve done your homework and recruited a team of experts to help you.  In this post, we will discuss the four crucial and often overlooked elements, all part of How to Start a Small Business, and which you’ll need to succeed.


A Brand:

This seems like an incredibly obvious component required for all Business Start Ups but it is often overlooked, especially by Small Businesses.  No matter the size of your business, you always need a brand.  Without it, there is no way for the public to easily recognize you and more importantly, remember you.  Branding in and of itself is an entirely new topic that can’t be covered in one day, let alone one blog post.  In order to have a powerful brand identity, you need a clear vision of what your business IS. You also need to do plenty of research on brand building and invest in a branding expert who can make sure that your Small Business thrives and establishes a strong presence.

Matching Marketing Literature:Success Words Surround

While the design of your business might seem like it is merely an aesthetically-pleasing element that’s low on the list of priorities, it plays a crucial role in the identity of your brand.  If you have business cards that don’t match the design of your website or brochures that don’t reflect the same design of other pieces of marketing literature you have, it automatically waters down the professional image of your Small Business.  Everything about the design in all of your marketing literature from your business cards to your Email newsletters must maintain consistency.  It is difficult for your brand to become ingrained in the minds of your target audience when every time they see something related to your business, it’s different.

A Story:

Like the aforementioned components, the story of the Small Business is often an oversight.  Especially in recent years, a company’s story has become vital in attracting and retaining customers.  People are no longer swayed by pushy sales pitches and glaringly overt advertisements.  Consumers do not want to buy a product, they want to buy a lifestyle.  When researching How to Start a Small Business, you learn that in order to sell a consumer a lifestyle, you need to sell a convincing story.  Imagery, graphic design, video content, and written content are all excellent ways to craft a story that pulls at the heartstrings of your target demographic.  Working with branding experts and Digital Marketing professionals will help you create that unique story through the design while simultaneously making sure that the story is genuine and NOT just one more way to make a sale.

Small Business PeopleA Team:

No man is an island should be taken seriously by entrepreneurs.  When you run a Small Business, even if you don’t have any official employees yet, you absolutely cannot do it all on your own.  Even if you think you can’t afford to hire a team, you can’t afford NOT to hire a team (even if it’s just contractors who do a couple hours of work for you a week).  There will be experts out there who know more about Digital Marketing or design or management than you do and having them help you is essential.  Your new knowledge of How to Start a Small Business tells you to concentrate on your own strengths and perform the tasks that you excel at while other professionals do what THEY excel at.  If you try to wear ALL of the hats on your own, your Small Business will quickly tank.  But when you rely on other professionals who are experts in their industry to help build your business and brand, your business will grow.Successful Business Letters


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