My Home Business Start Up Philosophy

“Entrepreneurs are just normal people, who have conquered the fear of the process of becoming great unto oneself.  With a Home Business Start Up, they can achieve POWER over their own destiny and the true freedoms that go along  with it.”


Marv Wells

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2 responses to “My Home Business Start Up Philosophy”

  1. Maryann says:

    I’m a new start up business and Marketing is my main “catch-all”. I’m having a brain lock about how to introduce and be myself.

    • Marv Wells says:

      Hi Maryann,

      Thank you for your Comments on my site. By “Marketing”, I assume you mean Online Marketing. Some of the basic tenets of Online Marketing are that you need to be honest and genuine with your marketing information, product/service offering(s) and support. Strive to establish your own “Brand”, meaning NOT just a name or logo, but your recognizable “personage”. And most importantly for “introducing and being yourself”, do just that, tell YOUR STORY, as people will be able to identify with you on a personal level, not perceiving you as a scammer or hiding behind a computer screen without being visible or available. Please take a look further at my website, specifically at the “About Marv” page. You’ll see a photo, my personal story (as it applies to the site contents) and what I am striving to accomplish. I will take a look at your website tomorrow. I hope this helps you. My website: ; My FaceBook Business Page: ; Email me at: to connect with me or get more information. Have a great Sunday! Marv Wells

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