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My Blog provides information, education, training and actual high-quality business opportunity systems related to the following primary business categories:

  • Home Business Start Up
  • How to Start a Small Business
  • Internet Marketing
  • Online Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Online Business
  • Work At Home
  • Work From Home
  • Network Marketing
  • Make Money Online
  • Home Business Plan
  • Multiple Streams of Income

My business goals are these:

  • “Inspiration, Education and Training for Aspiring Online Entrepreneurs”
  • “Helping Small Business Entrepreneurs Worldwide with Funding, through MicroLoans”

We teach digital entrepreneurs how to start and grow a profitable online business with our unique education, training & coaching content and world-class live events, while helping to support small business entrepreneurs worldwide who need funding to manage or grow their businesses.

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My focus is to specifically AID people in becoming Digital Entrepreneurs, and starting their own sophisticated and profitable Digital Business.  I support all of you who want to truly replace your traditional career with a real, exceptional Digital Business.  This allows digital entrepreneurs to have true FREEDOMS: financial, time and location, by owning and running their own Online Marketing Home Business.

This Blog portal provides the following:

  • Comprehensive learning and training opportunities for those who want to get started launching and building their own Digital Business, or are fairly new with an Online Marketing effort
  • Digital Marketing programs which are highly useful for starting one’s Home Business, in several important Internet Marketing arenas, available for people at various levels depending on available resources, and including easy entry-points for start-up
  • Helping to support Small Business entrepreneurs worldwide, who need funding to manage or grow their businesses. I help to provide such funding through MicroLoans with a percentage of commissions earned from people like you, via
  • Powerful Affiliate Marketing systems, for those that would like to start their Online Marketing efforts through that avenue, and who want or need to begin their business with easier entry-points for start-up. These provide both exceptional training content as well as a good deal of the infrastructure and backing needed by an Affiliate Marketing business
  • FREE comprehensive, timely and pertinent Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Online Business information, tools & software to help make your Home Business or Online Marketing venture successful, via Email newsletter you may request by Opt-In

***  A Powerful VIDEO is available at:


Here is a brief description of just SOME of the training that is available to you here:

Home Business:

  • Set-Up & Goal Definition
  • Business Planning & Accounting
  • Branding & Design
  • Architecting Website Blog & Social Presence
  • Launching Your Digital Business Loudly
  • Social Media Campaign Creation

Online Marketing:

  • Solo Advertising
  • Banner Advertising
  • Blogging
  • Social Media
  • Video Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Article Marketing
  • PPC Marketing
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


Join us, learn and grow with Digital Entrepreneurship!  We can work together to start your own Digital Business, or build your existing Online Marketing presence.  We look forward to helping you succeed.


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Marv Wells

To Your Success!

Marv Wells

“Digital Business Start Up Specialist”

OmniTech Enterprises, LLC

2 responses to “Online Marketing Home Business :: Mission, Content & Goals”

  1. Hal Robb says:

    Cool Marv. Had some problems with the video. Came back with an error code, “name not resolved”. Will look again right before Christmas.

    • admin says:

      Hi Hal,

      Thank you for checking my site, and for the comment. Please let me know what video you had a problem with, as I have not been able to duplicate a problem. They seem to work OK when I go to the links on the site. Please advise, preferably on FaceBook Messenger. Thank you, sir!

      Marv Wells

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