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How to Start a Home Business: Points for Improvement

    Nowadays, many people want to know How to Start a Home Business, and for many different reasons.  Some find it more convenient to Work from Home, while others don’t necessarily enjoy working in the industry.  In other words, they want to be their own boss.  After all, when working from home, you’re NOT limited by the restrictions of the workplace.  You can set […]

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How to Start a Small Business: Where to Operate

  You’ve decided to start a Small Business, but where are you going to operate it?  Determining where to locate your business and what kind of office space to use is one of the most important decisions a new Small Business will make.  Your location influences the employees you attract, your company culture, and your marketing strategy and lifestyle. When choosing the perfect city for your […]

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How to Start a Small Business: Legal Formation Information

  If you’re thinking of Starting a Small Business, you’re not alone.  Researchers predict that 40% of Americans will be self-employed by 2020.  With the increasing globalization of work, and convenience of doing many kinds of work with just a phone and internet connection, it’s not surprising that many Americans are Starting Small Business. In order to formalize your Home Business, the first thing you need to do […]

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The Island of the Insane Birds !

    I have an interesting and slightly crazy story and lesson for you today… Get ready for it…!   The Island of the Insane Birds…     There’s a tiny, uninhabited island off the west coast of Ireland called Beginish.  And if you set foot on it in June, the birds that live there will go INSANE.  They will squawk and dive-bomb you and raise a […]

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How to Start a Home Business: 3 Tips to Grow Your Email List

    Business is about relationships.  Even the street vendors common to some large urban areas have a relationship of sorts with their customers.  They are cheerful, or at least courteous with their customers.  This may not seem like much of a relationship, but merely being pleasant is enough to get repeat customers.  Email Marketing is an online equivalent of relationship building with your Home […]

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Growing Your Home Business Start Up With Outsourcing

Entrepreneurs who run successful Home Business Start Ups wear many hats.  When your Start Up doesn’t generate enough revenue for hiring help, you have little choice but to do everything yourself because your survival depends on it.  Eventually, your business revenue will reach a point where you will have to decide if you will invest it back into the business in the form of outsourced help. Outsourced […]

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Start Home Business: 4 Big Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

Some entrepreneurs are lucky because they already have extensive experience with a high demand product or service when they are ready to Start Home Business.  These are often people who gained valuable experience from their regular jobs and finally decided to start a Home Based Business for themselves. For others who dream of starting their own Home Business, the road ahead is less certain.  Their regular jobs […]

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Can I Start Home Based Business Without a Website?

According to the research firm Clutch, about 46 percent of Small Businesses don’t have a website.  The main reasons given for this are:    A website isn’t relevant to their business or industry    A Social Media profile does the job    It costs money    It requires maintenance    It requires technical knowledge To those familiar with building websites and with business uses of websites, […]

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The “Venetian Way” to Stay on Track and Succeed Online

A friend of mine recently came back from a trip to the Greek island of Crete, which is the largest island in the Mediterranean. He said that one of the highlights was visiting the Venetian Lighthouse in Chania.  Back in the 16th century, this lighthouse guided ships to the safety of the port town. We have GPS today, so lighthouses aren’t used much anymore.  But […]

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Defining a Profitable Niche for Your Home Business Start Up

      If you’re thinking about launching a Home Business Start Up, you’ll need to choose a niche.  Sure, there are some Online Businesses that sell ALL types of products and services, such as Amazon.  But attempting to muscle your way into a highly competitive market without focusing on a specific type of product or service is a sure-fire recipe for failure.     What […]

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