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Empathy is the ability to understand your own emotions and to recognize and act upon the emotions that you recognize in other people.  In the Home Business world, the ability to demonstrate empathy is important in all jobs, but especially in sales and marketing.  Recently, we’ve read much on how empathy matters, even in terms of hiring job candidates.  This quality is also important for becoming a good leader and for building relationships.  We can be more empathetic towards others, showing responsiveness, if we first practice self-empathy.  If we are in a better place because our needs are being met, our Home Business Start Up can be of greater service to others.  This makes customers happy!


Empathy Affects Our Daily Interactions

In his recent post on, contributor Fleet Maull explained: “How we feel about and relate to ourselves directly impacts how we relate to the world and interact with others…  When we perceive our basic human needs, including our need to be acknowledged and respected, as being addressed, we’re content.”  If we are NOT having those needs met, negative emotions such as jealousy, anger, frustration, and sadness can creep to the surface.  In reality, WE are the ones controlling our responses to others by keeping our feelings in balance.

Looking Ahead in 2017

At this point, you could be scratching your head asking what all this talk about empathy has to do with your Home Business Start Up and running it on a daily basis.  It takes a lot of discipline and dedication to run a Home Business and to keep it running at a profitable level.  This kind of profession is NOT for negative thinkers.  Remember, that your success requires being your own coach.  You can’t judge yourself for having positive or negative emotions.  Take time each day to tell yourself that you are doing a good job.  Don’t just settle for the recognition that you sometimes get from happy customers.  Occasionally, you might also feel acknowledged when someone asks for business advice.  Take time to practice self-empathy and stay on track towards meeting your business goals.

Maull also recommends that we acknowledge that we’re only human and that all emotions are allowed.  This includes accepting instances of jealousy and anger and whatever seems to be weighing us down.  Negative feelings don’t have to ruin our day or influence us to be rude to those we care about.  If negative emotions are recognized, they can’t consume us, and then we’re free to move past them.  We just have to be careful NOT to give into impulses resulting from negative feelings.  For example, we can refrain from making comments when we are angered by a customer.

Be More Responsive to Your Customers

Once you commit to practicing self-empathy on a daily basis, you will have some emotional capital in reserve to share with Home Business customers.  This is the year when you can really focus on being a better listener.  You can focus on what customers say and give them enough time to reach a solution.  Try this exercise.  Take your watch and your clock out of the room where you normally call customers.  Write down the reason why you’re calling a customer and then give him your full attention.  Don’t check your email or your smartphone alerts while on the phone.  Let the customer explain his concerns first.  Take notes, if necessary.  Once you’re sure what the issue is, you can sort out any misunderstandings and work towards solving the problem.  This shows the customer that you are being responsive and that you’re fully invested in the outcome of the conversation.  In the end, you will convince the customer to keep supporting your Home Business Start Up, provided that you follow through on every promise that you make.


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