Start Home Business: 4 Big Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

Some entrepreneurs are lucky because they already have extensive experience with a high demand product or service when they are ready to Start Home Business.  These are often people who gained valuable experience from their regular jobs and finally decided to start a Home Based Business for themselves.

For others who dream of starting their own Home Business, the road ahead is less certain.  Their regular jobs provided little or no experience in the world of Online Marketing.  For them, investing money in an inventory of physical products they aren’t sure will sell, or in developing a software product that people may not want, is just too risky.  Fortunately, Affiliate Marketing has many benefits that are perfect for these people.  Here are four of them:

It Requires No Product Development or Inventory

Product Development can be too cost prohibitive for many budding Digital Entrepreneurs who intend to Start Home Business.  Likewise, acquiring an inventory of products also carries a risk of losing money should the product not sell.  While you might be able to return them to your supplier, it will likely be at a loss.  Another problem with carrying your own inventory is the need to ship them to your customers.  This is labor and time intensive, which may require putting an employee on your payroll.  The dynamics of Affiliate Marketing eliminate the Product Development and inventory concerns.

You Have Thousands of Products to Choose FromBenefits Computer Key

As an Affiliate, you have access to thousands of products.  In addition, you won’t have to use trial and error to find proven products.  Affiliate Networks bring together Affiliate Marketers and Merchants with Affiliate Programs.  These networks often provide sales statistics on the participating Affiliate Programs.  By choosing only the top-selling products when you Start Home Business, you won’t waste your efforts on products that few people want.  Examples of Affiliate Networks which provide a multitude of products for you to market include CJ Affiliate, ShareASale, and MaxBounty.

It’s an Opportunity to Learn about Online Marketing

Because you don’t have to spend money on acquiring, storing, handling, or shipping products, Affiliate Marketing becomes a pure exercise of bringing traffic to your website and of trying different ways to convert this traffic into buyers.  You can experiment with the design of your landing pages, test video product reviews against written reviews, and try Email Marketing.

You can also test your landing pages with different traffic sources to learn which are best suited to customer buying.  And of course, you can test out different products.  Provided you aren’t dependent on the income, you can try out many things without risking monetary loss.  This is called learning by doing, which is a fast way to learn the ropes of starting a Home Based Business.

You Won’t Deal with Customers

Customer Service is a necessary but time-consuming process for those who sell their own products.  As an Affiliate, you aren’t the product owner, and therefore aren’t responsible for keeping the customers satisfied.  Occasionally you may get Customer Service questions or requests from people who aren’t aware that you are just an Affiliate.  In this case, you simply refer them to the product owner.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

  • You place an Affiliate ad or link on a web page of your site with preselling content such as a product review
  • Someone clicks on the ad or link, which brings the person to the merchant’s website
  • If the person performs the desired action that the merchant wants, then you get paid


The “desired action” mentioned above could mean filling out a form (lead generation), opting-in to a newsletter, or purchasing a product or service.  Desired actions that don’t require a purchase, generally have the highest conversions but the smallest commissions.  On the other hand, the payouts for sales can be quite large depending on the product or service and the commission rate.

The formula for Affiliate success is bringing the right traffic to your Home Business website, which are people who would be interested in what you are preselling, and doing a good job at building up interest in the product or service.  Finally, you should treat your Affiliate Marketing as a business.


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