3 Free Ways You Can Market Your Home Business Start Up

  Don’t have a $20,000 budget to market your new Home Business Start Up?  You don’t need one.  You just need some common sense, will power, and expert advice that you are dedicated to utilizing in your marketing strategy.  If you don’t have a big marketing budget, there are many things you can do absolutely free to promote your Start Up.  And in this post, […]

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Home Business Start Up: Tips for Attracting Customers

As someone who is starting a Home Based Business, it can be hard to find enough customers to make your business successful.  Many Home Business Start Up owners struggle without a boss telling them what to do.  Instead, it is up to them to find customers and steady work. Once your business GROWS and you get enough customers, it can be a balance between having […]

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Home Business Start Up: How to Assess Your E-Commerce Idea

  If you’re the type of person who enjoys setting up yard sales, you will enjoy running your own E-Commerce Business.  While you can make money with yard sales, they are too difficult to scale up into becoming a lucrative Home Business Start Up.  Once you run out of odds and ends for your yard sales, then what?  Another problem, is that yard sales are […]

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Home Business Start Up: Increasing Your Online Sales

  Content by Digital Altitude, Nov. 5, 2016.  Sometimes people forget that the process for increasing online sales with a Home Business Start Up is not always as simple as it seems.  If you want to increase your online sales, you have to be willing to change up the copy on your website, split test various ads and also alter the structure of your website […]

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Home Business Start Up: Tracking Your Expenses

One of the most difficult things about having a Home Business Start Up, is keeping track of everything you do.  After all, when you’re an employee in the workplace, your boss is the one who informs you of how things need to be done.  When starting your own Home Business, however, you’re practically your own boss.  You don’t have someone telling you to get back […]

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The Island of the Insane Birds !

    I have an interesting and slightly crazy story and lesson for you today… Get ready for it…!   The Island of the Insane Birds…     There’s a tiny, uninhabited island off the west coast of Ireland called Beginish.  And if you set foot on it in June, the birds that live there will go INSANE.  They will squawk and dive-bomb you and raise a […]

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Growing Your Home Business Start Up With Outsourcing

Entrepreneurs who run successful Home Business Start Ups wear many hats.  When your Start Up doesn’t generate enough revenue for hiring help, you have little choice but to do everything yourself because your survival depends on it.  Eventually, your business revenue will reach a point where you will have to decide if you will invest it back into the business in the form of outsourced help. Outsourced […]

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The “Venetian Way” to Stay on Track and Succeed Online

A friend of mine recently came back from a trip to the Greek island of Crete, which is the largest island in the Mediterranean. He said that one of the highlights was visiting the Venetian Lighthouse in Chania.  Back in the 16th century, this lighthouse guided ships to the safety of the port town. We have GPS today, so lighthouses aren’t used much anymore.  But […]

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Defining a Profitable Niche for Your Home Business Start Up

      If you’re thinking about launching a Home Business Start Up, you’ll need to choose a niche.  Sure, there are some Online Businesses that sell ALL types of products and services, such as Amazon.  But attempting to muscle your way into a highly competitive market without focusing on a specific type of product or service is a sure-fire recipe for failure.     What […]

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5 Online Marketing Tips for Home Business Start Ups Selling Crafts

  Carving out a niche Home Business Start Up by creating crafts and art is a fun, exciting and fulfilling opportunity for those that truly enjoy it.  The online world today has opened up a worldwide market, making it more possible for people to earn a living from making and selling crafts and art from home.  Let’s discuss this more by looking at 5 Online […]

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