Taking Action: Critical for Your Home Business Start Up

Today, anyone with access to the Internet can begin a Home Business Start Up without investing lots of money.  You don’t have to spend money on expensive inventory, pay rent for office space, hire employees, or get a business degree.  A computer or tablet, an Internet connection, a desk, and a chair are all the physical things you need.  If today’s Online Marketing business environment has so few barriers to entry, why haven’t more people succeeded in starting their own Home Business?

The answer is that while there are few significant external barriers, an important internal barrier is the entrepreneur’s own mindset.  Most people who work at normal jobs, are guaranteed a predictable income provided they show up every day and do the work that’s expected of them.  A Home Business Start Up is different.  There is no guarantee that the work you sink into your business will pay off.  It’s a risk that scares many people into failing to take action.

The abundance of online information about starting a Home Business feeds into this fear.  It overwhelms people into thinking they must learn all there is to know.  The more you learn, the more choices you feel you must make.  “What if I make the wrong choice?” is a common thought.  For example, in Affiliate Marketing, there are many niche markets you can target.  Many would-be Affiliate Marketers spend months researching and weighing the pros and cons of different niches.  They’re afraid they will make a fatal mistake of choosing the wrong niche.

What they don’t understand is that most of the niches that are serviced by lots of businesses are all perfectly good candidates.  There is noOnline Marketing Diagram one right choice.  Getting started as an Online Marketer amounts to choosing a niche with which you have some familiarity, interest, or inclination to try.  All you need to know is that the niche market supports lots of businesses.  That there is no one right choice is also true of many things in business.


Two Important Rules about Taking Action:

Look to Find a Better Way, Not the Best Way

You may be asking yourself: “look to find a better way than what?”  You want to find a better way than your previous effort.  For example, if you’re about to make your first effort at building a Review Page for an Affiliate product, base it on the recommendations of an expert (of which there are many online).  Different experts will have different recommendations.  It’s important not to get hung up on this.  Simply choose a legitimate expert and follow his/her recommendations.  From there, make changes based on your resulting sales.  Keep the changes that increase sales.  Undo the ones that don’t.

Success at a Home Business Start Up is about making constant improvements, NOT finding the perfect way of doing something at the outset.  You should make lots of adjustments along the way to reaching your Home Business goals.  Don’t worry about getting things perfect at the start.  This is similar to the way that a guided missile makes lots of little course corrections while on its way to its target.  Because of these corrections, it doesn’t matter that its initial aim was off.

Do Most of Your Learning by Doing, Not by Reading

What happens if you’re trying to find your way out of a forest and you spend 100% of your time looking at a map of the forest?  Answer: you remain there, because getting out requires movement.  Thinking and making plans by themselves don’t make things happen.  Only action on your part does that.  Of course, reading is necessary to get you started and to provide pointers as you progress, but you must follow it up with rapid implementation.


Only through implementation will you see Home Business results, which you can assess, learn from, and make adjustments.  Action based learning gets you sales along the way and brings you closer to your business goals.

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