The Island of the Insane Birds !



I have an interesting and slightly crazy story and lesson for you today…

Get ready for it…!


The Island of the Insane Birds…



There’s a tiny, uninhabited island off the west coast of Ireland called Beginish.  And if you set foot on it in June, the birds that live there will go INSANE.  They will squawk and dive-bomb you and raise a holy ruckus until you finally get back in your boat and shove off.

Why?  Because they lay their eggs on the ground.  They can do that because no rodents or lizards live on the island.  They can just lay their eggs in the grass and know they are safe.  Safe until a horde of human intruders traipses onto their domain, that is!


What does this have to do with your Online Marketing success?


Well, most entrepreneurs prefer to lay their marketing eggs where there are lots of rodents and lizards waiting to snatch them away…

Unproven markets.  Ultra-competitive markets.


If you’re just starting outyou need to find your Beginish.

Find a PROVEN market.  A PROVEN system.

An island with NO snakes and rats.
I have my own system and process that works and you can see that here.


It’s so proven that I guarantee you will like it or simply get your money back!

Why do I say that?

Because it’s “copy/paste” simple and doesn’t require any special skills.  No phone skills, product fulfillment, customer service or anything like that!

The choice is yours.  You can lay your eggs on the islands crawling with egg-eaters…Gannet Bird

Or, you can try the only Beginish I’ve ever discovered:


Sail to Beginish here…


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