Why You Need Copywriting for Your Home Business Start Up

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Recently, we saw this quote of the day by Nyeeam Hudson on Forbes.com: “You don’t see a masterpiece take shape until you add all the pieces.  Greatness works the same way.”  This quote points to a critical understanding that new Home Business owners need before they can aspire to greatness.  They must be willing to invest their time in branding their Home Business Start Up.  Much of this can be done through effective online marketing, and the process is easier when they recognize when to hire a copywriter.


The Startup Company in a Brave New World

A typical start up in one’s home is essentially a new brand that hasn’t been tested.  As the Home Business Start Up owner, even if you are not immediately managing your branding efforts, your company’s reputation will begin to emerge.  Social Media, for example, can play a big part in shaping your reputation.  How customers talk about your brand to people they know both online and through word-of-mouth will affect your reputation.  You want to shape their perceptions, and the start up phase is not the time to ignore the need to brand.

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What is refreshing about a new brand is that it is mostly unformed and it is easier to manage through direct effort.  That’s why it’s important for a Home Business Start Up to manage its new brand across all media (i.e. mobile, web, and print formats).  This begins with establishing guidelines for all graphic and written content and then following them with a high degree of consistency.  Inattention to branding or choosing the wrong partner to assist with branding your Home Business Start Up could be costly.

The Need to Be Proactive

If you have a Home Business Start Up business, remember to be proactive about branding before your company’s reputation gets fully formed.  Someone who can immediately and powerfully influence your brand’s development is a copywriter.  Here, we explain how this professional assists with brand building, especially by shaping what customers think and perceive about your new company’s products or services.

The Commitment to Your Brand’s Concepts

Ideas BulbIn the beginning, your start up will publish a fair amount of written content to inform prospects about your brand.  This text may appear on your website and blog as well as on your business cards and brochures.  You might even create video and graphic content to go along with written expressions of your brand.  These creative expressions should reflect what you see as the “essence” of your brand.  A good copywriter can write more effectively about a new company once the essence has been fleshed out.  At a minimum, you can create a set of core values and several brand concepts.

If you take on employees, these will help your new hires grasp your Home Business culture and then direct their behaviors and ways of communicating accordingly.  Without values and concepts as a guide, employees may act very individually and begin to represent the brand in ways that do NOT fit you as the company’s founder.  Values and concepts also help customers decide if they want to give you their business.  Brand concepts can range from concrete to abstract and may change in the early years of your Home Business Start Up.

The Importance of Input

A copywriter expresses ideas through the written word.  He may benefit from talking with you more to get a sense of your business culture.  Or, you may choose to combine written content from different freelance writing marketplaces, but always review them to ensure they are consistent with your Home Business Start Up’s brand guidelines.  Your employees and customers are also sources of input for defining what your business means.  If you’re lucky enough to find a copywriter whom you like, stick with him or her over time.


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