5 Home Business Start Up Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Number 5Marketing is crucial for a Home Business Start Up, especially during the first year.  After you create a marketing strategy, you should allocate your marketing budget to different strategies that are effective and reach your target market.  Unfortunately, much of the blogs and articles that offer advice about marketing are not suitable for small or medium-sized Home Businesses and work better for large billion-dollar companies with large marketing budgets.  Here are five of the most common marketing mistakes that Home Business Start Up owners should try to avoid.


1.  Advertising in the Yellow Pages

If you were born in the Baby Boom Generation or you are a Generation X’er, you probably relied on the Yellow Pages to find a reliable company in the past.  However, now Google has replaced the Yellow Pages as one of the most popular ways to locate businesses.  When people have a question or want to know something, they just pull out their mobile phone and do a quick Google search to find what they need.  Businesses that are listed in the Yellow Pages (even on their website) often do not come up at the top of the search engine results.  Instead of the Yellow Pages, advertise on Yelp or Google.

2.  Sponsoring An Event or OrganizationMarketing Mix on Laptop

Some companies try to sponsor an event or organization to get more brand exposure.  Although this may work for larger brands, a sponsorship may not be an effective marketing strategy for a smaller company, such as your Home Business.  The likelihood that a potential customer will recognize your company’s name and logo and intentionally make a purchase later because of that one-time exposure is very small.   Sponsorship is a long-term branding strategy that is more effective for companies that can spend billions or millions of dollars on advertising.

3.  Not Creating A Beautiful Mobile-Friendly Website

Some Home Business owners are in a rush to get their Online Marketing website up so they publish it before it looks professional.  If they don’t have the technical skills, the website may not be user-friendly or intuitive to the people who may see it online.  An unappealing website that is difficult to navigate can give customers a bad first impression.  Hire a Website Designer or learn how to make a mobile ready site with a beautiful design that communicates your company’s branding.

Advertising Key

4.  Advertising Your Company in Newspapers and Other Publications

Before the internet, the only way to reach thousands or millions of consumers was to get an ad published in a newspaper or magazine.  Newspapers and other print publications are dying, since many people are using the internet to consume content.  Instead of trying to pitch your products to magazine editors, contact YouTube web design gurus or Instagram brand influencers who have a solid platform to promote companies.


5.  Using Search Engine Marketing

About 10 to 15 years ago Search Engine Marketing was a popular choice for Home Businesses that wanted to attract customers to their website.  However, it may take months for you to see any results from the campaign.  We recommend you focus on utilizing the different free marketing strategies that will allow you to see results faster with your Home Business Start Up.


As a Home Business owner with a limited marketing budget, it is important for you to find different strategies that are effective yet not too expensive.  You need to constantly evaluate and test different strategies to see which one attracts the most customers to your Digital Business.   We are confident that if you avoid these common marketing mistakes, you will have more time and money to invest in other marketing materials and tools that will deliver better results.

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